Maybe selfishness isn’t always a virtue

I feel horribly selfish and shortsighted for writing about the food part at the end of yesterday's blog.  There are people starving all over the world, suffering ills much worse than what I'm experiencing, killing each other for food, religion, and freedom, and all I can do is whine about not being able to eat sushi.  It's a blessing I can even eat, and a further blessing that I have what I have.  I'm quite thankful, but apparently I've forgotten all about that virtue called Humility, or maybe I just have my head up my ass.

Those people deserve a prayer, if nothing else.  Bono can't do it alone.  And just think of those aid workers. 

You're not trying to guess which way I'm voting in the coming election, are you?


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2 thoughts on “Maybe selfishness isn’t always a virtue

  1. Hey Jazz, there are always going to be people whose troubles are worse than yours. You can't help them until you help yourself. Once you are back to health, then maybe you can adopt one of the world's starving children. But until then, you can't help anyone BUT yourself. So give yourself a break – you deserve it.

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