Things that make you go Hmmm…

My current cel phone takes such crappy pictures!!

I went to the grocery store and immediately scored a great spot.  Upon pulling in, I saw the space directly behind me open up, so I gunned it in reverse and backed into that spot instead (I have a thing for backing in to park).  I was gone maybe 10 minutes.  When I came out, the Safeway security vehicle was in my aisle with its lights flashing.  Low and behold, a car had pulled into the spot I rejected and apparently a huge wind came, ripped the tree out of its planter, broke the two supporting poles to which it was bungied (these poles weren't wimpy), and crashed onto the car. 

I assure you, there were no signs of tree distress when I rejected that spot.  All the other trees were perfectly fine, their little branches rustling in the wind.  Hmm.

(Mike says a car ran into it, but the tree wasn't broken, it was uprooted.)

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