Music i can’t find…

The group is Blue Rondo A La Turk, an '80's jazz-pop band from England.  Other spin-offs include Matt Bianco (w/singer Basia).  Also, a group called Animal Nightlife – same genre.

Found this item on YouTube, and this other video by Working Week featuring Tracey Thorn of Everything But the Girl.  Now if I could just find the version of The Paris Match sung by her, that would be great also.



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2 thoughts on “Music i can’t find…

  1. oh yes the music one loses!! i have been trying and trying to find this tune i heard at the end of a french movie (whose name i've also forgotten); it's by haydn or some other baroque composer and it's called hungarian dances or hungarian mazurka or something along those lines. i love it and had it on an old computer that crashed ages ago….not brahms, not rachmaninoff. but i can't find it anywhere!

  2. well good luck to you, i hope the name of the movie, at least, will come to you in an epiphany! a friend sent me a couple of ebay links for two of the singles, but the LP is woefully rare and will never be reissued. c'est la vie! i may have to resort to a shady download in order to make these compilation CD's for some birthdays coming up.

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