Sometimes I like to watch…

American Idolettes:

If you're gonna sing "Feeling Good" on national TV, perhaps you should listen and learn.  Seriously, get some Nina and feel it in your soul.  Ok, you'll never play piano like her, but at least feel it.

I'd venture to say some of the song choices of the last two nights seem better than past seasons.  It's usually the crappy song choices that make me wince, plus the general butchering of said choices.

I like the curly-haired guy's choice/rendition of "Trouble" and Melinda's of "My Funny Valentine".

However, I don't vote.  Sorry, I'm not that drawn in.  But since "House" wasn't on, it's more interesting to listen to the Idolettes while loading the dishwasher than, say, "CSI: Miami".

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One thought on “Sometimes I like to watch…

  1. I'd rather watch Jackson groom. It's so sad how one can memorize the words but still not get it, I am sure she listened to the song but wasn't sensitive enough to get the vibe

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