Of gorgeous days and midnight moons

…I so did not want today (yesterday now) to end.  It felt so good to soak up the sun, run around in a t-shirt and play with the Bruno on the warm grass.

The full moon blazes the midnight sky in a field of stars.  The air is balmy, smells like summer…I am so ready for summer, for warmth, for long days and fragrant nights, sweet and salty from orange blossoms and bay breezes.

Tonight feels like one of those nights in the early days of our marriage, when we lived in Oceanside as giddy, blissful, poor but very much inlove newlyweds.  I couldn't believe I married a Marine—it put me on the path to I don't know what.  And I liked that.  He was the best person I'd ever met.  I couldn't explain it any other way.

So I look out into the night sky, standing in the driveway in my furry robe—I forgot to lock the car—and I breathe in the sea air.  All those memories of endless southern California summers rush in like cool waves on a hot day.  I want to cry but can't.  I feel perfectly calm.  I can't believe the beauty.

I may go before my lovely husband does.  I just hope that if we meet again in the afterlife, he'll remember how much we loved each other here on earth. 

12:20 AM 

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