QotD: MmmCookies

Did you order Girl Scout cookies this year?  What kind?

Alas, they still use shortening (trans fat) and high fructose corn syrup.  Too bad.  And they've changed the names of Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, etc to much blander (but identifiable) names, which is no fun.

I was a Girl Scout to the age of 18.  One year I was the regional cookie sales champ (southern Cal).  It was all about the prize—getting that beach house in Laguna Beach, overlooking the Pageant of Masters stage. 

My Girl Scout troop's activities were often riddled with scandal.  During a canoe trip to the Colorado River, we discovered the assistant troopleader with the troopleader's new husband—naked and asleep in the chaperone's motorboat.  It was early in the morning and our dilemma was whether or not we should let them be caught by the troopleader. 

We decided to leave things alone and relieve them of their beer.  We strapped the 12-packs to two canoes and the six of us silently paddled away.  Once the canyon heated up, we made sails from our towels and oars, broke out the beer and chips, and had a jolly Girl Scout breakfast.  Later we met some guys in a jet boat who gave us more beer (we were 16) and bought us lunch at our destination, Lake Havasu. 

Yeah, we got in big trouble, but we were safe, our misdemeanors being far overshadowed by the discovered debauchery.

Good times, good times…  Ah, the sweetness and folly of youth!

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