Boys and their toys

New toyAt the Grand Ave. rampReady for Gilligan's Island

Yerba Buena IslandThe CityThe new East Span of the Bay Bridge

Inaugural trip on Mike's boat. Went as far as Benicia.  Had lunch at Captain Blythers, where the clams in my linguini had gone bad and the whole thing was bitter.  It was comped but I wouldn't recommend that place to anyone.  Overpriced to boot.

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3 thoughts on “Boys and their toys

  1. beautiful sunset. I haven't been out on the water in a good while, I need to schedule a trip soon, it's so relaxing. And ugh about the overpriced bad clams! I woulda been pretty upset.

  2. Hey, new boat and no invite? Ghessh! Sweet boat there; Lynette and I are looking to pick one up next year-spent oure toy money on her new SUV. More pics of the boat please.

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