Vox Hunt: An Interesting Life

Book: Show us a great biography or memoir.

Not a memoir per se, more like a monthly account of the books he bought and read while doing reviews for The Believer magazine.  Highly entertaining and educational, I've compiled enough reading material to keep me busy forever, and that's not counting the books I find on my own and on Vox.  One would think I could get through it all, being off work as I am, but Hornby's routine is a bit like mine, although he is more disciplined about reading things one at a time. I think I'll buy this book, for quick reference (it's from the library).  He's included some personal tidbits.  He has an autistic child, for example. 

Let me think back on something closer to a true answer for this Vox hunt.  I just don't think I've really read any memoirs lately.  Hmm.  Oh, well:

Terrific and hopelessly out of print, now considered a Rare book.  Stuffed somewhere in a box in the garage, along with a book about The Jam.

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