Vox Hunt: Adaptation Nomination

Book: What book would you like to see made into a movie? 
Submitted by Felipe Anuel.

My Year of Meats

Ruth L. Ozeki

I don't even recall how I came upon reading this novel, but through all these years it has stuck with me.  It details a year in the life of Jane, a Japanese-American documentary filmmaker who accepts a proposal from the American beef industry.  Her job is to make short films targeted at middle class Japanese homemakers.  The goal is to entice them to buy more beef by showing how easy it is to prepare western-style beef recipes (which were the rage at one time, I guess).  Jane travels around the US, shooting film of the various "families" whose recipe is the heart of each episode. As she visits factory ranches, she realizes with increasing horror what actually goes into the beef which eventually lands on the tables of carnivores worldwide, and the effects of practices which continue today.

Shocking as the information is (and true, we now know), there are numerous other stories intertwined within this strange, industrial thriller. She faces the trials of her own intimacy bound up with the poignant story of her Japanese mother's journey to midwestern America and why the author was an only child.

A strange, disturbing, cinematic novel.  I read it in one straight shot, it was that good.  I don't know why I still eat meat after reading this.  I must be crazy.

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QotD: Thanks for the Memories

What are the 10 most memorable music performances you've seen? (Remember, "memorable" may not be good.) 
Submitted by Bill

Can I cheat?

US Festivals'82 & '83 (where I worked as a busperson at the beer garden on Heavy Metal and Country day so I could see the other shows for free).  Everybody and their mom played those shows – David Bowie, The Clash, U2, Oingo Boingo, The Pretenders, The Talking Heads, The B-52's, The Police, The Kinks… - Glen Helen, CA – Thank you, Steve Wozniak!

Sinead O'Connor at The Stone – SF '87 or '88 (the club only held 300 people or something like that)

Lollapalooza '92 (the 2nd one, with Lush, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jesus & Mary Chain, Cypress Hill, etc)

Grateful Dead at UNLV Silver Dome with Sting '93 (brain cell blow-out with the girls in the Lincoln Town Car). Saw them w/ Dave Matthews in '95 too but that show was not memorable for the musical aspect (last show before Jerry died)

Stone Roses – Palladium, LA, '95

Crowded House – Wiltern, LA, '95?

The Charlatans UK – Glashaus, Pomona, CA '94? 

New Order – some roller rink in Orange County, the name of which I can't recall - '82?

Psychedelic Furs – Salt Lake City, UT – '84?  Memorable partially due to seeing them in some cow patch, sitting on bales of hay on bleachers, while it snowed.

Paul Weller – every show except the one at the Palladium – Stanley Road tour

Joni Mitchell – Universal Ampitheatre, LA – '78  I was little, but I loved her – Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne and a mess of other people were in the audience.  She invited them up to play. 

Either I'm too old or saw too many shows to pick just 10.  But I see they're all grouped in certain years…

I look forward to The Shins making this list!


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Mary Poppins’ bag

In reply to all of you who were so kind to comment on my last post – jp, mcco12, nancy, and tara – I have to say you are all correct.  I ought to go on a trip and perhaps find a nice handbag there, as well as some other things I can enjoy and then pass on to others who may later treasure them.  I want to hold the things that heal - travel, good food (including sweets), extravagance, adventure, meditation, friendship…hope.

In these pics I wish I'd had on a more stylish coat and a hat (like Nancy's), but it's a document of the big hair that no longer is.  I may not have the energy to travel the way I used to, but the fire burns inside to experience more of this world's beauty before I go.  More than that, I would love to lie around someday and reminisce about the travels I'm thinking of now.  And if I have a great bag to remind me of it, even better.

 Lest you all think I'm obsessed with dying, I'm definitely of the mindset that I'm going to hang on as long as I can with the hope of some sort of breakthrough.  So thanks for cheering me on—it helps.  Alot.  Thank you!


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Cycle 11 – No change

And Doc Simmons still firmly believes I'm on the placebo.  He gave me a card to a restaurant he recommends highly.  Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen is over on Shattuck—Berkeley northside I think.  Like I said, I love that we talk about other things besides the tumor that's now 4 cm.  It was 7cm back in August before I started chemo.  No change to the bone lesions, and no new ones.  He's getting really impatient.  He did refer me to a podiatrist for my sore left instep.  Sounds like I fractured it long ago and ignored it.  Now there's something like a bone spur on my instep.  Anyway, nothing about the cough.  Maybe it's allergies?

My confusion has to do with the size of the large tumor.  On Valentine's Day, Rosalie (the clinical trial nurse) said the tumor had shrunk to 5.2 cm.  I just read on the report that at the last scan, it was 4.1cm.  Is she confusing me with someone else?  I'd rather have 4 cm, of course, but this time, she said, "Your scan looked great!"  I suppose I could read the report from February, to see what's what, but the current report says quite clearly, in parenthesis, that the previous measurement was 4.1cm.

Anyway, I spent a couple of hours with my friend Grace on Friday, and part of it was spent sniffing perfumes at Bloomingdale's.  I can't say for sure, but I believe this was the cause of the migraine that set in shortly after, which plagued me all weekend.  My sinuses opened up this morning, allowing me a couple of hours of sleep, finally.

Note to self: no more perfume sampling.  This will also prevent me from spying any more $1600 handbags I may try to justify buying.  (The justification is also the impediment:  I'm dying therefore I should enjoy it; I'm dying, so why should I acquire more possessions?)  (There's the opposite argument, which is, "Buy and enjoy if that's what you feel.  You don't know WHEN you'll die…etc.)  (This is an interminable argument)

As for other expensive things…I want to make plans to travel, but it's difficult to make last minute plans, and making long-term plans is sketchy, as I can't predict where I'll be in, say, 3 months.  Aaarrrggghhh.

There's a new travel show based on the book by the same name, but it really ought to be called, "1000 places to see before you die—in 6 months or less."

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Prayer for a Tenspeed Heart

Prayer for a Tenspeed Heart

Let the fire of my body
propel and warm me
and let each darkness
reveal its plenitude.

Let the hills
flatten under my wheels
and let the eloquent curves
yield up their good surprise.

Let my heart be obstinate
when I need to climb
and let my lowliest gears
restrain my spinning down.

Let there be flatland, too,
and into that glittering place
let me stretch with the heart of a lover,
at full speed, blind and intent.
                   —Barbara Hendryson

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One more poem

…and I'm returning this book to the library.

Sonnet 2 from "The Autumn Sonnets"

If I can let you go as trees let go
Their leaves, so casually, one by one;
If I can come to know what they do know,
That fall is the release, the consummation,
Then fear of time and the uncertain fruit
Would not distemper the great lucid skies
This strangest autumn, mellow and acute.
If I can take the dark with open eyes
And call it seasonal, not harsh or strange
(For love itself may need a time of sleep),
And, treelike, stand unmoved before the change,
Lose what I lose to keep what I can keep,
The strong root still alive under the snow,
Love will endure—if  can let you go.
                         —–May Sarton

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