Mary Poppins’ bag

In reply to all of you who were so kind to comment on my last post – jp, mcco12, nancy, and tara – I have to say you are all correct.  I ought to go on a trip and perhaps find a nice handbag there, as well as some other things I can enjoy and then pass on to others who may later treasure them.  I want to hold the things that heal - travel, good food (including sweets), extravagance, adventure, meditation, friendship…hope.

In these pics I wish I'd had on a more stylish coat and a hat (like Nancy's), but it's a document of the big hair that no longer is.  I may not have the energy to travel the way I used to, but the fire burns inside to experience more of this world's beauty before I go.  More than that, I would love to lie around someday and reminisce about the travels I'm thinking of now.  And if I have a great bag to remind me of it, even better.

 Lest you all think I'm obsessed with dying, I'm definitely of the mindset that I'm going to hang on as long as I can with the hope of some sort of breakthrough.  So thanks for cheering me on—it helps.  Alot.  Thank you!


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