QotD: Thanks for the Memories

What are the 10 most memorable music performances you've seen? (Remember, "memorable" may not be good.) 
Submitted by Bill

Can I cheat?

US Festivals'82 & '83 (where I worked as a busperson at the beer garden on Heavy Metal and Country day so I could see the other shows for free).  Everybody and their mom played those shows – David Bowie, The Clash, U2, Oingo Boingo, The Pretenders, The Talking Heads, The B-52's, The Police, The Kinks… - Glen Helen, CA – Thank you, Steve Wozniak!

Sinead O'Connor at The Stone – SF '87 or '88 (the club only held 300 people or something like that)

Lollapalooza '92 (the 2nd one, with Lush, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jesus & Mary Chain, Cypress Hill, etc)

Grateful Dead at UNLV Silver Dome with Sting '93 (brain cell blow-out with the girls in the Lincoln Town Car). Saw them w/ Dave Matthews in '95 too but that show was not memorable for the musical aspect (last show before Jerry died)

Stone Roses – Palladium, LA, '95

Crowded House – Wiltern, LA, '95?

The Charlatans UK – Glashaus, Pomona, CA '94? 

New Order – some roller rink in Orange County, the name of which I can't recall - '82?

Psychedelic Furs – Salt Lake City, UT – '84?  Memorable partially due to seeing them in some cow patch, sitting on bales of hay on bleachers, while it snowed.

Paul Weller – every show except the one at the Palladium – Stanley Road tour

Joni Mitchell – Universal Ampitheatre, LA – '78  I was little, but I loved her – Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne and a mess of other people were in the audience.  She invited them up to play. 

Either I'm too old or saw too many shows to pick just 10.  But I see they're all grouped in certain years…

I look forward to The Shins making this list!


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5 thoughts on “QotD: Thanks for the Memories

  1. "New Order – some roller rink in Orange County, the name of which I can't recall – '82?"Billy Barty's Roller Fantasy was what that roller rink was called. I was there too. One of the strangest venues ever. Good New Order show, though.

  2. After getting in line at 2 AM to buy tickets, the day had finally come to attend November 20, 1973 concert at the SF Cow Palace by The Who. Being young and stupid, I looked forward to the "festival seating" where I could elbow my way to the front of the crowd of 15,000 and stand and "rock out" for the entire show. I left my friend behind and managed to make my way up front – a mere 30 ft from the stage. The opening act was a fellow MCA Records band that had not yet put out its first album. I remember they were a Southern blues rock band that featured three lead guitars. They played a very nice 20 minute set and left the stage to polite applause. Months later, I heard the opening act's final number on the radio – it was "Freebird" and the band was Lynnrd Skynnrd. After the usual customary delay, the stage finally went dark. I recall that singer Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend had to chase drummer Keith Moon around the stage before they finally were able to throw him behind his drum kit. Then I noticed that once they got their guitars strapped on, I saw that Daltrey, Townshend, and bass guitarist John Entwistle all went to the back of the stage by their stacks of speakers and amplifiers. Then the stage lights snapped on and Daltrey and Townshend literally ran to the front of the stage.The next thing I remember seeing was Daltrey swinging his microphone around by its cord like some kind of lasso, and then throwing it out toward the audience. He would then grab the cord and the microphone would make this big loop back to him and he would catch it. I had noticed before the show began that Daltrey's microphone had a lot of foam padding that had been duct taped around the handle. After a few swings of his microphone, I figured out why the microphone handle was padded!I next remember seeing Townshend take this running leap toward the front of the stage. I stood there mesmerized by Townshend's leaps and jumps, all while strumming his guitar with his arm going around in a windmill-like fashion. It seemed like Townshend never stood still once while playing his guitar. I then recall seeing Moon throwing his drumsticks up in the air or twirling them in his hands while pounding the drums. Entwistle basically just stood there like a sane person while playing the bass. I remember the first three songs being "I Can't Explain", "Substitute", and "My Generation", before The Who performed selections from their newly released "Quadrophenia" rock opera. I was a big fan of The Who and very familiar with their music after having listened to "Who's Next", Quadrophenia", and especially "Live at Leeds", but I had never seen them perform live. I was flabbergasted and awestruck by Daltrey's microphone swinging and Townshend's leaping windmill power chords.At some point well after what would probably be the mid-point of what had been a fabulous show, the band stopped playing, the house lights went on, and The Who left the stage. At first, I couldn't figure out what was going on until someone near me said that Moon had passed out during the song! The music was so loud, I never noticed that the drummer had stopped playing. After a delay, the house lights went back down and the The Who returned to the stage. I again recall seeing Daltrey and Townshend chase Moon around the stage before Moon finally got back behind his drum kit. The Who began playing another tune. This time, Im staring at Moon and saw him fall backwards off his stool in the middle of the song. Roadies carried Moon away and the remaining members ended the song. After some confusion, Townshend went to the microphone and said something to the effect that it was a shame, that they had always been together as the four of them and that they would always play as the four of them. Then Townshend asked the audience if there was anyone in the audience "…who could play the drums – I mean really well." After more confusion, some guy walked across the stage, pulled off his jacket and got behind the drums! The Who played three more songs, and then they all took a bow together and left the stage.I later read that Moon had taken an "overdose" of an animal tranquilzer and had passed out twice, and that the substitute drummer was just some guy from the audience that promoter Bill Graham picked out to play for Moon. Three years later, The Who would leave its tour of huge arenas and outdoor football stadiums and play the 5,000 seat Winterland auditorium in SF to make up for the debacle at the Cow Palace. It may have been an abbreviated show, but it certainly was a memorable one.

  3. The New Order show was at Billy Bartys Roller Rink. Mark B. has it on tape.
    My tops:
    Mudhoney & Thee Headcoates at Bogarts Long Beach
    Woodentops Roxy LA
    Chameleons Variety Arts Center LA
    Jesus Lizard Club Lingerie LA
    New Order Santa Barbara
    Modern English DeAnaza Theater Riverside
    Stray Cats Riverside
    General Public Riverside
    Mighty Lemon Drops, New Model Army Variety Arts Center LA
    The Fall Roxy LA shows 1 & 2
    Just to name a few

  4. Wow, is there any way to get a copy of that tape. I'd love to see it. I lived a few blocks from BBRF which was the Roller Village before Billy Barty bought it. I can't believe all the great shows I missed there. : (

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