QotD: Luxury Wish List

If money were no object, which five luxury items would you rush right out and buy? 
Submitted by lorilyn.

Keeping in mind that the word "luxury" is very subjective, you asked for it, you got it:

1.   A machine, yet to be invented, that would zap all the cancer in my body the way PET scans seem to be able to detect it.

2.   A new body (or should I say "body PARTS", as in a left lung and bones that were cancer-free)

3.   A motorhome, since I can't take flights over a couple of hours.

4.   An island where I can get away to—where the weather is nice and the waters are clean and there's healthcare….

5.   A fun, self-sustaining, fairly low-maintenance business….just in case I live longer than the doctors predict.

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