Life is short.

I love my friends.

What will I think, if anything, when I'm on my deathbed?  Will I think of early morning drunken jaunts to Naugles with Julie, crazy Portland roadtripping with Tara, endless shows with Lisa, driving down a pitch black stretch of desert highway listening to Japanese country-western with Suzanne, wearing beautiful vintage clothes and Sorrels to walk to work in 25 below blizzards in Utah with Monica, canoeing Emerald Canyon with Robin, singing Moon River on a plateau overlooking the Green River with Liane………….camping with Michael?

Life is too short.

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One thought on “Life is short.

  1. Yes it's all about the roses. I am so glad, as I limp thru life, that I danced on bars in several states. I like having a past It makes things more interresting. I like the future I have planned for myself. I also know there's not a snowball's chance in hell that it is actually going to happen. But life's about the unexpected, that's when the truly amazing things happen.

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