So you know just how I feel?

I haven't been writing much lately due mostly to the lethargy and discomfort caused by chemo side effects.  I've also been uninspired, or maybe that's just another word for lazy.  Mostly, one usually doesn't have the energy to document one's thoughts or feelings when so deeply immersed in the reality of it.  I work towards pushing thoughts of my disease to the back, but when it forces its way out and keeps me from living life, I just try to get through it.

Last year I mistakenly contributed to the California Organization of Police and Sheriff (COPS) or something like that.  Since then, they have unceasingly called every month for a donation.  It might be quarterly, but it seems they start calling as soon as they receive a donation.  I finally wrote to request removal from the list…to no avail.  Today, some pushy "officer" called, and when I informed him I was on a tight budget due to my illness he said, "My mother has cancer so I know just what you're going through...but you have two weeks to return the envelope with your donation…"  I should've given him a piece of my mind, but having just woken up, I simply reiterated my request to be removed from their list.  Not before he squeezed in that 3 officers were killed last week and my donation contributed to their families.  No one is contributing to my family when I go, and having worked with law enforcement for at least 15 years, I believe they are well-compensated, have tremendous insurance and benefit plans, and though some would contend it isn't equal to the danger they face, I can point to many officers who appear to exercise their beer-raising arm more than anything else.  Suffice to say I was infuriated by the nerve of that officer, but don't have the energy to write an angry letter to those people.

I don't have their sticker on my car.  If you're pulled over, I doubt
that sticker will prevent a citation if you've got one coming. 
Regardless of your innocence or guilt. So when those COPS people call, be forewarned that from that point on, their calls and spam mail will follow you to your grave, because they know just how you feel, having Stage IV cancer, and it shouldn't preclude you from giving them money you don't have.

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One thought on “So you know just how I feel?

  1. When I got a new phone number a year or two ago, my greatest pleasure was no longer getting calls from what I think was this organization.In this country, it's quite possible for our charities to be as greedy and ruthless as our corporations. Not the right thought for Independence Day, but patriotism doesn't have to include evil just because it's American evil.

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