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Cycle 3AT: I believe I can fly…

"If there are Big Trips you want to do, go now while you're doing well.  Don't make plans for October—we don't know how you'll be then." 

Dr. Sattar, the oncologist covering for my own traveling doc, proceeded to tell me it would be preferable that I go to London ("11 hour nonstop flight") or Hawaii, rather than drive to Yellowstone and spend a week of strenuous activity at high elevation.  If I should hike, it should be at 3 or 4,000 feet.  I marginally passed the O2 saturation test, and my hemoglobin levels are excellent (considering I'm at my 3rd cycle).  Liver's taking a hit due to Tarceva, so definitely no alcohol can be consumed 😦

"A picture's worth a thousand words."

That's what he said, as he showed me the last and most recent CT scan side by side.  What a difference—I wish I could post it.  The report hasn't been authenticated, so I have to wait for an official copy.  But in a nutshell, the pleural effusion (fluid in my left lung) has resolved, pericardial effusion (fluid around heart) is decreased, no new hot spots, other lesions are stable, and last but not least….the main tumor is 2.6 cm….down from 4.0 cm (the smallest it's been till now)!! 

Praise the Lord, and Allah, Buddha, and all the other deities that watch over us.

Is that a breakthrough or what?  Much more than I even hoped for.  I've gotta go somewhere, like he said, while the irons are hot.  Where to go, where to go, where to go?

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Beverly Sills

My family had a pet hen when I was a kid.  After some discussion, we named her Beverly Sills for her high pitched cackle.  She used to fly up onto the patio roof and "sing".  We had her for what seemed like a long time and nope, didn't eat her when her time came.  She received a dignified burial in the back yard.

My father loved opera and classical music, and brought Beverly Sills records home from Toronto after med school.  We listened to the console stereo (also from Canada) during dinner and while we did homework and suffered through the math and english tests he used to administer (I think I was 5 or 6).

The real Beverly Sills—acclaimed American soprano—died today, at 78, of "inoperable" (Stage IIIB or IV?) lung cancer.  She didn't smoke a day in her life.

If there's a heaven, I'll be asking for her autograph when I meet her.

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