QotD: I’m A Completist

Do you own all the albums of any particular musical artist or group? Who?
Submitted by dutterman.

Paul Weller, and Joni Mitchell,

and The Jam…

Not all their works can be genius, but depth in a collection is nice.  Sometimes the ones I don't like grow on me, and other times I wind up wanting to give it away, it's just not great.  I have high hopes for Joni's new one on the Starbucks label.

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3 thoughts on “QotD: I’m A Completist

  1. I adore Joni Mitchell – I put on "Court and Spark" and sang along as I motored around Palo Alto yesterday. I was thinking about how she lives just up in the hills above Palo Alto – in Woodside (or so I hear).

  2. I've been buying CD compilations to augment the distant memories of my old vinyl LP's. I now own every recording of Led Zeppelin, except their first live concert/movie which I now own on DVD (but have not yet watched). A bit embarassing to admit? I also now own the complete Eagles collection on CD. Am I dating myself?I arrived late to the CD era and have not yet gone the MP3/iPod route. (Where did I put my cassette collection?) I never did own an 8-track.

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