Small blips from the past have been ambushing me lately, minute things I haven't thought of in years, nor even thought I recalled.  It's that whole cathartic process of unpacking, I suppose, since the memories don't necessarily bear any relation to the artifacts being unearthed.  Unpacking along with VH1's We Are the 80's brought this little gem up—Sting with hair!  He's actually quite handsome in this video:

We used to say "God bless Sting", although he doesn't need any more blessings than the ones beyond count he already has.  Hair is certainly overrated, though it may have helped him early on, and kept him out of the clouds, which is where his music seems to have gone lately. 

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3 thoughts on “Blips

  1. funny because this very video was on tv the other night, very late at night (here in argentina!) and i also hadn't seen it in years and years.
    i love the allusions to quentin crisp in this video….and sting is hot in it, you're right. he has (had?) such a classically handsome face…
    this entire album is good, actually, and has been widely established into the contemporary idiomatic jazz canon. so many jazz remakes of "fragile," and other songs off this album.
    thanks for the stroll!

  2. God Bless Sting. Thank goodness we have our little britfile crushes to keep us busy. Without them we'd never see each other. I very proudly introduced my teenage mentees to The Jam today when they came on the radio.

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