Poster child

This is the healthcare I have, and thanks to the State of CA Judicial Council, it's been a decent plan.  I can criticize, but never in my wildest dreams could I imagine the horrors of having Stage IV cancer without health insurance.  My entire 20's was spent with the barest coverage, and during the crazy mountaineering years—no coverage at all.  We all truly believe we're invincible when we're young and able to stay up for 3 nights and still function adequately.  We eat and rest poorly, we beat the crap out of our minds and bodies, and we probably brag about being able to do it.  Like it makes us a god.

I posted this ad because it does seem like my "team"—my oncologist and clinical trial nurse and the chemo nurses—really do strive to give me a good quality of life.  It is propaganda, of course.  But I really haven't seen any patients at Oncology who were angry at the standard of care they're receiving.  At my facility anyway, which is in Walnut Creek, CA.  I transferred there in an effort to get away from the indifferent oncologist at the Oakland, CA facility.

I won't go into the politics of why I'm receiving palliative care, rather than something that may resemble a cure—something that might be too expensive and fail, something I would have to pay out of pocket for at some place like the Mayo Clinic.  I'm sure it's all business and all that.  But the genius of Kaiser's new president is tapping into the whole northern California yoga-organic food-farmer's market-be proactive-exercise mindset.  I just wish there were Kaiser hospitals in other places other than the West.  Apparently there are clinics, but not big hospitals.

Of course, what this ad doesn't tell you is, to receive the stellar healthcare that I presently have will cost you about $1k/month for 2 people. 

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One thought on “Poster child

  1. Absolutly. Anyone who thinks our system works hasn't had to seriously use it. Or they can afford the Mayo. No system would be perfect but something nationalized would at least be movable. One could make job decisions based on the job not the bennies. It is a system that should never be run for profit, like schools. Every dime needs to go to improvment of patient care. I have the best too & it leaves a lot to be desired. I really stress that someday I will be in this shape & no insurance for some reason. Oh well it's all in the mind anyway.

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