Deathproof (Grindhouse)

Well, this is a gore carnival and full of laughs to boot.  One seriously twisted film.  Apparently there are 19 others?  I keep revisiting scenes in my sleep, causing me to bite down hard on my tongue.  I had to buy a mouthguard today, as my mouth is so sore I can't stand to eat.  My husband just didn't know what to say about this movie, except, "What's got into you?  All these weird movies you make me watch!"  (The last one was The Lives of Others, which I thought was tremendous.)  Kurt Russell still looks good, albeit creepy.  He winds up looking like a p—y in the end.

Fantastic soundtrack, awesome muscle cars, great art direction, and it features Zoe Bell, who won the best stunt award for the fight scene in Kill Bill 2 (she was Uma Thurman's stunt double), as herself.  Lots of hommages to Kill Bill and cult films (typical QT).  The film is also arty/french-new-wavish.  It has the old, positive film stock appearance, scratched, saturated color, jump cuts…all the time-honored film school devices, namely, using all manner of film stock, color and black and white, because that's what's on hand and it looks interesting.  But it's a straight narrative, none of that elliptical storytelling stuff.  And it's short.

I was hoping to see Terror Planet but it appears unavailable through Netflix.  Will have to buy the 20-film set I guess, and have bad, bloody nightmares for weeks.

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