Three dog night, or how do I stay warm without a heater?

After over a month of being without a computer (the Dell lived out its nine lives and won't so much as blink), I've entered the Mac Zone.  It's actually been fairly simple, but I'm impatient, and the hubby keeps saying, "I told you, you're on your own."  He, with the iPhone, which activated itself.  He, who ran out and bought the AirPort Extreme, after witnessing the efficiency at which the Express replaced the LinkSys wireless router.  He, new owner of the most expensive Bluetooth earpiece I've ever seen (the JawBone)….He, of the "It took you two years to buy that laptop".

True sign of age: lack of patience for fiddling with new gadgetry; willingness to do laundry and make dinner over trying to figure out why mail @ not working, or why iMovie quits before even launching.  Actually, I haven't spent enough time on it to see if everything's as it should be…I'm told I should use Opera for a browser.  All the simple things are a bit of a mystery right now, like why I can't see the Extreme base station on my devices, or the external hard drive hooked up to it.  All in good time, I'm sure.  In the meantime, I do appreciate the simplicity of it all, the lack of garbage that comes on when I boot up.  And with such quickness!

PG&E just disconnected the heater again, saying it's a hazard.  So I'm freezing.  We are SO DONE with renting.  Maybe I won't make it to a house purchase, but we've got to try.  This is ridiculous, waking up to 54 degrees in the morning.  Maybe in my younger days, but the 20 pounds I've gained isn't helping me stay warm at all!  And one Siamese cat isn't enough to keep frostbite from setting in.

So, this is not the Christmas spirit, sorry about that.  I really do love this time of year, and wish the "spirit" was inherent all year long.  I'm glad the materialism isn't rampant like this all year, I'd lose my mind.  What am I saying?  I just spent the equivalent of an overseas vacation on computer stuff!  Probably didn't help to have a husband egging me on, Mr. "Buy It!  Just buy it!"  But then, I could mull it over for another 2 years, until OS XX Rhino comes out.

Maybe I need to eat something holiday-ish and cheerful, like apple pie and ice cream.  Mmmm.  Comfort.

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7 thoughts on “Three dog night, or how do I stay warm without a heater?

  1. Relax there's a learning curve to it. Just think of how you do it on pc, then change it a little to how a granny would do it. As for browswers, I just started using firefox. So far so good. 45 bucks & the fire place & heat work here. Love ya baby hang in there, you have a great excuse to buy UGGs.

  2. Yeah, well, there's definitely an elegance and simplicity about the way it's operating so far…for which I'm very grateful right now. This would be a terrible time to be fighting with a computer and getting irritated at all the little quirks of Vista. Plus I notice certain brands love to load all sorts of crap onto the new notebooks, getting it all off is such a pain. I love having zero pop-ups, no slowing due to virus software (although I'll still download Avast!), etc. I'm having trouble installing the Opera browser though. My system says it doesn't support this architecture? Know anything about that?

  3. Yup, I was using Firefox on my Windows machine, and I liked it fine. The "specialist" at the Apple store said he runs Opera and loves it, much faster than Firefox. Oh well, maybe Opera and Leopard aren't compatible just yet, so although Safari's working ok, there are missing options on Vox (like the link button) that I need.

  4. Merry Christmas! My favorite experience of the season is already past; we did four (sold-out!) Feast of Lights performances two weeks ago. There's nothing that brings me closer to God and to the holiday spirit.I hope you and yours (I wish that still included Bruno) have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Wow, excellent. Yeah, I've lost all my holiday spirit. However I do crave being closer to God right now, and have never prayed so hard than the past week. I'm moving into a somewhat more peaceful state as far as Bruno's death goes, although I still weep uncontrollably at night. Really, it's insanity. I need to either learn to meditate better or get tranquilizers. I sure miss that Scotch 😉

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