Biloxi was cute before Katrina

It's sad that all the press goes to New Orleans.  Biloxi looks like it was a really cute beach town.  These days, it definitely looks ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, and giant resorts are on the horizon, meaning the old, classic resort atmosphere is no more.  90% of the buildings along the coast were decimated by the hurricane.

Anyway, many small inns line the beach, but we didn't see the Hard Rock Casino when we rolled in at midnight.  We wished we would've stayed there.  It's a cool spot.  The breakfast buffet was delish—esp. since we didn't get dinner the night before due to the New Orleans fiasco.  

Can a person tire of soft-shelled crabs?  I don't think I can.  I had them for breakfast here, and I gotta say, they were just about my favorite.  Apparently Biloxi is nicknamed "The seafood capital of the world".  I'd come back, just to see what it's like in warm weather.  The humidity might kill me, but I'd do it just for the seafood ;P

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