I’ve been canned.

The job's finally over, I guess.  And I was just planning on trying to go back.  Oh well…lots of thoughts rolling around about that one, but I won't bore anyone with the details.

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Little Meezer

You can't tell here, but she has very blue eyes.

Today we received the rejection notice from a rescue organization.  Apparently we are unfit parents for Regal Felines Rescue cats because, among other things (which I wasn't informed of), we have a cat door, and they "were not comfortable adopting to people with cat or dog doors".  Maybe they just didn't like my voice on the answering machine.  We'll be trolling the animal shelters for the princess' companion.

She still needs a name.

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Super, or Fat, Tuesday

…was a good day!  It was sunny and warm.  I made a breakthrough in ceramics, finally learning the all-important zen of centering one's clay, and threw two bowls!  I voted.  And, we adopted a Siamese kitten from the Fairmont Animal Shelter (in San Leandro).  Then we went and bought out Petsmart.

The little kikat gets spayed tomorrow, poor baby girl, and then we pick her up.  She was in the very last cage and she was very aloof and disinterested at first, but Mike won her over.  I see the writing on the wall:  Daddy's girl.  He was getting impatient waiting for the rescue place to call us back, which is how we wound up at the shelter at closing time.

Sigh.  It'll be just two months on Feb. 9 since Bruno passed away.  But I guess we could use the distraction of a little el destructo cat in the house.

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Can’t decide?

If you're voting Dem tomorrow and are still on the fence between Hillary and Obama, this article might give you the little push you need to go one way or the other.  Or not.  I'm as idealistic as the next guy and I love charisma, but just remember, when it comes down to brass tacks and you're in a fight, try to imagine who would be more likely to get in the ring to help you (hint: not the ivory tower idea person).  (Celebrities only know how to fight with money)

Either way, PLEASE VOTE!  

And don't forget, even if Props. 94 – 97 don't pass, the Tribes can always go back to the table and renegotiate less-flawed compacts, without waiting for another election to have it passed.  Just remember that when money goes into the General Fund here in California, Arnold can do whatever he wants with it.  From past experience, he will not do the wisest thing.  He cut funding to the Salmon fisheries so guess what, no salmon this year and a whole lot of commercial fisherman about to go bankrupt.  So just think about that.  He won't necessarily funnel that money into education, emergency services, etc.  He might just spend it on fancy boots for all the legislators.  Point is, the compacts should designate more clearly how the money will be used, going so far as retaining the Surplus Distribution Fund and perhaps creating another fund that is more specific in intent.  The statement that "other tribes won't get a penny more" is true.  They're all supposed to receive $1.1 million each, per year, from an existing trust, and if that trust fund has a shortfall, it has to come out of the General Fund if the props pass, instead of the currently existing back-up fund.  As much as I'm for anything beneficial to Native Americans, the existing compacts can be lived with for a while longer, until BETTER compacts are negotiated.  The way it sits now, regardless of how much additional revenue finds its way into the General Fund, after-school programs can still be cut, social services could still be cut, anything Arnold doesn't want to spend money on will be cut, he doesn't have to make up the shortfall in the trust that pays the other tribes, and it'll look like the Big 4 tribes aren't holding up their end of the deal.   Once the Big 4 hand over the money to the state, how it's spent is out of their hands, even with regard to payment to the other tribes.  Anyway, my 3 cents.

Go vote, people.

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