Girl cat names


Caprilu (or Capri)
Samba (SambaKitty, SambaGirl)

I need help.

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10 thoughts on “Girl cat names

  1. i love moneypenny! the only thing is for short you might call her money which is kind of odd…i imagine you on your front porch calling her name "money! moneyyyy! munnnnneeeyy!" your neighbors will call you a capitalist for sure!
    what about roxanne? or hmmmm: or sheba.

  2. I went the Isis/Osiris (planning on getting a tomcat also), french name way with the hubby and he wasn't going for it. Along the lines of Lakshmi, I was thinking Padma….

  3. I like Lilo. It's simple. You'll have to see her personality, will she be a sweetie or a terror? Maybe Shiva the goddess of destruction. Rudy fit him because he needed to 'stop your messin around…better think of your future.' But his nickname fits him better The Poo. cuz he's a little shit.

  4. Love that! "Captain Jack Sparrow". I was thinking of Willow, or something ending in "o"…. so that fits! The hubby's trying to call her Tuesday, for the day we found her. She kept me up allllll night, the little night owl.

  5. That's a good one. I like that movie and have seen it a number of times, but I guess I could never remember that character's name. I got lots of excellent suggestions, most of which the hubby didn't go for. He finally settled on the first name I came up with, which was Moneypenny (or Miss Moneypenny)–you know, James Bond's secretary. I guess if that doesn't work we'll try out some of the others, so thanks for the suggestion!

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