Cycle 15 or Cycle 1, 3rd series…

Dodged another bullet for 3 more weeks at least!  What a relief!  There's even improvement (in the CT scan), despite all the problems we've suffered with this house (leaky garage, no heat, broken dishwasher, etc) and neighborhood, Bruno dying, getting the flu on the cruise, the truck being vandalized and tools stolen, having my health insurance axed then coming down with shingles, etc…Imagine the improvement if we'd stayed in Alameda!  I suppose one never knows, but I like to think the pottery class is what's making the difference.  And the love of a workaholic but otherwise wonderful husband.  And the support of all y'all, not least being the medical team.

Mike's now decided he might not mind living up near Sacramento, along the Delta, but the argument is not having any social support up that way, and he's gone alot.  The oncologist would like me to stay within a 30-minute radius from Walnut Creek, and I sort of like hearing it from him.  He also thinks I should move ASAP, though there's 5 months left on the effing lease.  The market's still dropping so maybe even in June we'll still be able to pull off a home purchase.

The pain of shingles has thankfully gone.  Normalcy for a few weeks would be tremendous!  I rub my hands and wonder, what adventure should I go on for Spring Break?!

Thank you God, for small favors.  If you can somehow let me get Radiohead tickets when they come to San Francisco, well, that would just be the frosting on the cake, if you know what I mean!

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