An open call to prayer

When I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in 2006, the very first person I "met" was an amazing woman named Betsy.  She sent me books to inspire my will to live and fight like hell, and told me of her own journey, her amazing cure through a clinical trial at UC Davis, and her ongoing process of healing.  She talked of spiritual paths, of her belief in the power of prayer and visualization and the love we could access around us.  I was intimidated and grateful, and that combination made it difficult for me to call her back.  When I did I was relieved and joyful, but it was always difficult.  I felt like I was imposing, though she was so incredibly kind and caring.

She was in complete remission for over four years.  Now, six months away from a clean bill of health, she has had a recurrence.  It's very aggressive this time, and the battle begins again.
If I've had doubts about Judaic-Western religious tradition, I still believe deeply in prayer, in whatever individual fashion that may occur.  At this time, I ask those of you who've sent a prayer or two my way to please add Betsy to your prayers.  She needs all the love, light, and positive energy the universe can muster to surround her during this fight.  As a beneficiary of all your collective strength for the past couple of years, I know you have the power! 
As always, my gratitude.

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7 thoughts on “An open call to prayer

  1. Will do, Jazz. My mom starts a new round of chemo on Monday. The side effects on this new drug sound similar to some of the ones you have written about. I've been away from Vox quite a bit but I hope you are doing okay these days.

  2. Best wishes to you, as always, and Betsy, too. This is an example of why I like the expression "lending someone your strength." Clearly, after your diagnosis, Betsey lent you some of hers and now you get to return the favor. I'll think of Betsey when I light a candle, pray, or just feel the need to yell at the universe.

  3. I'm always amazed and delighted by the support and kindness I've received from my Vox friends. Thanks again, and all the best to you as well. Strangely, I believe that little saying on your last post is often true (about making plans). And btw, your house sculpture is fantastic. If anyone ever received a gift like that, I think they'd be speechless.

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