Just pray…for all those you love

…because it seems, at this point, like everything is happening to everyone around me.

My friend Betsy is a huge believer in constant, steady visualization and prayer, or more like a chant, to the universe, for light, love, healing.  I took her plea to heart and posted a request for prayer especially for her.  But in truth, we all need those prayers.  Vidal needs it, Tara needs it, Naomi needs it, the lady across the street needs it, Nancy and her mom need it, my old landlord and his wife need it…it's not just a cancer thing anymore.  It's a "get through this" thing, and many of us are in serious need of divine intervention.  Whether we believe in a deity or not.
Our world swirls around us, becoming ever more complex, spinning faster and faster.  We run harder, faster, smarter to outpace it, and it takes a toll on our minds and bodies.  No one's ever ready for catastrophe to strike.  Not even the most pessimistic among us.  And even the strongest falter when their loved ones are in danger.  I've been living the dream of being high functioning though terminal, and every morning I gauge my wheezing, adding up the days looking for change, escalation, some sign that I may have to move on to not feeling very well.  I pray, and not just to bargain. I pray for peace and courage and for the lengthening list of friends and loved ones who need light, healing, a buoy in the water.
Maybe it is just a call to the universe, and maybe when we do it, we shift the energy somehow.  Or maybe God (by whatever name he/she/it is called) does hear, and consider.  I hope people do feel a change when they pray—I know I do, and I'm as skeptical as the next guy.  Make the call.

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