RIP Randy Pausch

Somehow I missed this on Friday.  

"The Last Lecture" video on Randy's site is here.  He'd had quite a few chemo combos, among them gemcitabine + Tarceva, which I've had separately, not together.  He also tried Avastin, which sounds like it didn't work.
I've been looking at new clinical trials as well, and "the second generation of VEGF and EGF agents" are spoken of, as are vaccines.  Problem with these trials is one usually can't qualify if they've had other tyrosine-kinase inhibitors…
Anyway, I haven't watched the entire "Last Lecture", nor have I read the book, nor have I written a will…Damn.  I better get on it.
Recent scorecard, not including my breast cancer survivor friends, of whom there are at least 8:
Life  2 
Death 4 (not to mention the ones I don't know about)
Undecided 3 (Naomi, jp, and I)
Maybe "Undecided" isn't the right category.  Maybe it should be "In Battle", or "Waging War", or "Fighting Like Hell"…

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5 thoughts on “RIP Randy Pausch

  1. I think the scorecard is decided. You have decided to fight. Include Dawn in the decided side. I am proud to be one of your reinforcements. When you are tired I will fight for you. Plan for reality but always try to substitute our own.

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