Like nowhere else on earth

O Wyoming!  Land of a thousand dreams.

How I long to wander among your fiery peaks,
your meadows and your clear blue streams.
I long to breathe your fragrant air,
of sagebrush, pine, and forest green…
I cried as we drove up the Rockefeller Highway.  Every feeling I've ever had of what "home" is supposed to feel like came rushing in.  My thoughts and emotions swung from "It's not fair…" to "This makes me want to fight this illness.  I have to get well so I can come back and enjoy it the way it's supposed to be enjoyed…"
The air was phenomenal.  So crisp, perfumed by desert sagebrush, wildflowers, trees…Quite possibly the happiest moments of 2008—smiling in the shadow of the Grand Tetons.

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