Just don't go there.  I've tried to exercise restraint by not opining (until tonight) on this blog, and it's much like being on a diet.  It makes me grumpy.  Fortunately, I'm surrounded by like-minded folks who exercise critical thinking.  I read their blogs and am relieved.  I don't need to be divisive, and neither do you (addressed to those inclined to send me mud-slinging type e-mails).
(Those of you who know my position are free to discuss and send links to humorous/informative pieces, which I do welcome.)

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8 thoughts on “Politics

  1. I agree. I hate those mass e-mails. People who mistake rhetoric for logic are tools and need to go back to the tool shed. Whatever side of the political fence one sits on, critical thinking is a must. I'm getting really tired of bad analogies and comparisons with no basis (ie.. comparing apples to oranges). Or circular logic (something is true because I say it is true). Or drawing conclusions from a few scant facts (ie… it does not follow). Does anyone THINK anymore?????
    Of course, I blame all this propaganda on the Republicans… 😉

  2. I especially love it when they site themselves. Leak a lie to a lazy reporter, get him to publish it (your basic tool), then site the article as truth. But they know the whole time it's a lie??? Then Fox junkies spout it as truth, more like truthieness.

  3. I yelled, "YOU'RE EVIL!!" to the idiots standing on street corners with their Prop. 8 signs. I wish I had firecrackers to throw at their feet, or those supersoaker guns!

  4. C'mon, now, Palin's been cleared of any ethical issues and wrongdoing…you know, she didn't abuse power, she's frugal, what's another $150K, even if that's more than most people's houses in the US?

  5. You should actually read that children's book, King & King. That's the book the Prop. 8 people are using in their comercial (I learned a prince married another prince and I can marry a princess). It's a sweet book, completely age appropriate and does not have any sexual content whatsoever. I don't know what the Prop. 8 folks are objecting too. Technically, the little girl could marry a princess if she wanted to. So what? I just don't get it. So what? So a prince married a prince… big deal. They looked cute together. I just can't figure out why anyone cares. Here's a link to King&King. I hope the book sales soar because of this stupid comercial. http://www.amazon.com/King-Linda-Haan/dp/1582460612/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1224910471&sr=1-2

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