NO on Proposition 8

Come on, people!!!  Why is this ridiculous, asinine, wasteful proposition even on the ballot?  

I haven't been this riled up and lost so much sleep over our future since the Reagan and Bush years.  (I was young enough to get arrested for protests then, but now is when I'll truly be affected by the status of health care and social programs…and yes, I'm perfectly willing to pay higher taxes to fund things Republicans don't think disadvantaged people need (they can afford them, but you, you poor person out there who doesn't have the luxury of corporate wealth, you cannot afford them).  Don't even get me started.)
Besides the candidates, Prop. 8 is the measure I'm most concerned about.  VOTE NO, NO, NO!! on PROP. 8.
It's an inalienable right to eat, breathe, have comfort…it should be an inalienable right to marry who you want, regardless of sex, race, religion, color, creed, national origin, etc.  And we should choose whether or not we want to have children!!  WHO ARE THESE WICKED, TERRIBLE PEOPLE who keep trying to take our rights away and dictate how we should live?  We can choose whether or not to worship (even though some guy kept insisting Jesus was the only way for 2 hours on my flight from Minnesota to Arizona, until I turned my iPod on and tuned him out—these people have no shame invading your privacy), whether or not to eat meat or organic products, get pets from shelters instead of buying them from breeders, drive (ok I'm guilty, I have an SUV but we needed it to haul people and a boat), recycle, bring reusable bags to shop with…WE CAN CHOOSE TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS!!
VOTE NO ON PROP. 8!! Do the right thing!

And while you're at it, vote Yes on Prop. 2.  Those nasty factory farm cages have been outlawed in Europe since 1999.  I don't hear anyone complaining about an egg problem there.  One farmer's opinion was that the longer survival of animals and the fact that they seem to require less feed has balanced the initial outlay to change the caging systems (if caging systems continued to be used).  Just say no to veal.
The EVIL people that put Prop 8 on the ballot—you have such bad karma, I hope you get reincarnated as farm food animals in countries that believe in factory farming, so you can squat and lay eggs all day or be raised in a dark cage until you're ready to be saltimbocca alla Romana for some rich guy's meal.  Oh, right, that's here in the U.S., isn't it?  Ok, so maybe you'll all come back as hogs or chickens somewhere else in the country, but hopefully not California, because if Prop. 2 passes, your life here would be too nice and you don't deserve any happiness for wishing misery on other people.  All you "religious" people act like you know what love is about, but you're really about destroying anything that challenges your ideas, right or wrong.  Ugh.  May the 7 biblical plagues visit your homes, lands, and families and drive you out of this promised land back to the deserts where you belong (you know, over there where the biological warfare and old MX missile silos and irremedial superfund sites are…).  So you can mind your own damn business and turn the other cheek when your sons come back from missions in South America, after which they come out of the closet (seeing as their misery obviously has no bearing on you whatsoever).

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4 thoughts on “NO on Proposition 8

  1. I love that they say 8 infringes on their religious freedom… so ergo take away someone else's freedom? I guess I expect too much from people who think Noah's Ark really happened. As being a smug married, I think all people should be able to pursuit this happiness. I don't see how it threatens my marriage? I can't believe they are still using "Joe the Liar" They don't who care he REALLY is,just who he looks like.

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