Election Day

Please VOTE!

I've never been on such pins and needles, and I actually worked at the Registrar of Voters for 4 years!  I'm a nervous wreck, fearing another 4 years of economic, human rights, and international relations nightmares. Depending on who and what wins, we may be going backwards…sigh.  So please, Vote for Change, Vote for the Future, let's get as far away from the past 8 years as possible.  (I'm assuming we want Peace and Prosperity.)
Some of the most wonderful and upstanding citizens you will ever meet are gay.  They have the right to marry who they choose, as any person.  Damn the Mormons and Knights of Columbus, and the lot of you who unthinkingly follow decades (or centuries) of backward religious dogma and hypocrisy, who feel so superior and yet so threatened that you must destroy equality for other humans.  May a gay or lesbian son or daughter be born into each of your families, so you can feel the responsibility of sticking it to your own children, denying them the right to be the people they choose.  You can proudly tell them you fought against their equality and freedom.  (Of course, you probably have no qualms disowning your own children, because it's more important to follow dogma than support your child.)  May these children rise up against you and show you the error of your beliefs.
I hope 7 o'clock rolls around and it'll be good news, because the prospect of an upset is bringing me down.
Oh, but here's a frightening but entertaining game !

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6 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Woohoo the Bush regime has ended. It is safe to come out of our bunkers. My chest feels lighter! Ding dong the witch is dead. Maybe they'll take your tumor with them, I'm going to light the witchy candle & give it to one of them.

  2. You know, I was Mormon once. My whole family is Mormon and I attended the Mormon church until I was 17 years old. I'm also a lesbian. I've been a lesbian since I was hmmm… born. Is is ok for me to be a hater? Can I hate on the Morons… um… Mormons? <sigh> It looks like I will not be getting married this year. Kara's gonna kill me 'cause we didn't do it in August.

  3. But that's what I mean! When I lived in SLC, there were lots of young, gay Mormons (ok, jack mormons) frequenting my club. But I think you might have a reason to hate on them when they tell you you're not equal because you love someone of the same gender. I'm hating on them because they provided the major funding to place this on the ballot. If they would've just left everything alone, everyone could've just gone their own way and the dust would settle, no harm done. But nooooo….

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