Hurray for Unyielding Hope

I'm drunk, completely wrung out, and so relieved that Barack Obama is the 44th president of these United States.  It's not just historic, it restores my faith in the wisdom of the American people.  

I hope we don't have to listen to Palin's airhead vulgarity for at least another four years.  I imagine Medusa will rear her ugly head on the national scene before the next election.  I feel bad for McCain, because I liked him.  Palin brought him from being an American hero to her level, and destroyed his chances.  His negative campaign hid the true McCain, the one whose concession speech was eloquent and felt true.  
I look forward to Michelle Obama as the First Lady.  She's brilliant, classy, hardworking, low-key.
Tonight I got to cry and drink and celebrate this victory with friends, but without my husband, a huge Obama supporter.  We'll celebrate when you get home, Honey.  You'll be touching down in a new America.
So amazing.

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9 thoughts on “Hurray for Unyielding Hope

  1. yeay for obama! here in my city in canada, pubs and bars were celebrating obama's victory.the majority of my city was totally praying for obama to win.

  2. Thanks! Believe me, the fear of another 4 years of regression ran deep. "The land of possibility" already had its sinister turn—it's time to make that a positive phrase again!

  3. I must say, I love that so many people around the world were so deeply interested and supportive of Obama. Hope is a precious commodity, and people will take it from wherever it comes!

  4. Though I voted for the man I can say that my expectation for any significant changes coming within the next few years is nil. With exception of restoring hope for those that opposed the Bush Admin which is most these days as well as the Black community that always felt repressed in this country, what will this win really bring for anyone in this country? No one elected into office is going to change the state of the economy anytime soon so nobody should have any false expections. We have severe problems brought on by both a republican president and a democratic congress-both of which enjoy the lowest poll figures in decades. Hope is sometimes all we have but not enough to save homes, jobs, and the economy. The last time I paid a bill I was not able to stamp it with the name Bush or Obama and label it settled. Action is much louder and let's see if the man with the campaign rhetoric (they all do) that I voted for can actually do something.We can come back and revisit this thread in 2 years and measure progress at that time.Sorry, but i will hold off on my celebrating until the time my investments have stabled, the world is more at peace, and some real changes are the result of the hope of the millions of frustrated Americans that placed Obama into office.

  5. I admit – I cried during Obama's acceptance speech. His speech was beautiful. Then I cried again when Prop. 8 passed. A completely different type of tears. (sigh). The struggle continues.

  6. I'm so sorry—I can't believe it myself. I can only imagine the collective pain of all who are affected. I'm hoping there is some recourse, some way to remove the amendment. I've been wondering if some people actually voted incorrectly, thinking "yes" meant they supported same sex marriage?

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