Just for a moment, let me express my disgust that Prop. 8 passed.  In California!  WTF?!!!  Was it confusion, that Yes meant NO EQUALITY and NO meant EQUALITY? Or are we in New Idaho?

All my friends, I am deeply sorry.  We must find a solution to this.  Do not stop fighting!

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2 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. The day after prop. 8 passed, I was reading the comments section at SFgate (the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle). I was amazed at all the hateful comments – I was amazed at all the people who were celebrating by calling people like me perverts and unnatural degenerates who must stay away from children (lest I turn them into lesbians or something). So I responded with a call to arms.
    I do believe that the human experience is universal, and that both the good and the evil that lurks in the heart of mankind exists in each of us. But I'm afraid my radical post is a bit inflammatory. You be the judge.

  2. ***Bring Back The Pink Triangle*** We forgot. We forgot that many in society hate us. We got used to walking down the street holding hands with our lovers… we got used to domestic partnership benefits at work. We thought that we were fully integrated into society. WE WERE WRONG. Remember that Hitler forced gay men to wear a pink triangle and lesbians to wear a black triangle. Remember that gays and lesbians were forced into concentration camps and eliminated right next to the Jews and Gypsies. Remember Matthew Sheppard? For the last few years, the gay community has put away the pink triangle because it is a symbol of hate. Instead, we use the rainbow. But I think we put the triangles away too soon. Read the posts on this board. They hate us. Remember! I think we should put away the rainbow. It's time again to take up the pink and black triangles to remind us of the monster that lurks around the corner. It's time to fight oppression. It's time to fight the monster.

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