I guess we're not moving to San Diego after all.

I was so ready.  I was primed to have a real closet and two bathrooms, something called space.  Yep, I was looking forward to having friends over…especially friends I've never hosted up here.  I'd be near my folks—they're getting old and need more help.  What am I saying?  I'll be the one needing help at some point.
But no.  Mike's company isn't spinning off a subsidiary as planned, which means we have to stay.  So it's business as usual, with Mike and his boss covering each other when the other is away.  He wants to buy the frickin' one bedroom floating home in Alameda (which will, I'm sure, go the way of all his other impulse buys—the motorcycle, jeep, boat).  I think he's sick of my whole situation and is thinking of bachelorhood.
I feel really weird.  Depressed maybe.  I need to go somewhere for distraction.  I need to regroup.
I need to swallow the fact that the only thing we can afford to buy in the Bay Area is a piece of crap in the boonies.  Or a condo with no yard (give the cats away?).

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6 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. Oh too bad about San Diego. But I tell you, the little house boat in Alameda might not be too bad. Dave wanted to buy one too and almost did a few years ago. He took me down to where they are and I kinda thought they were charming.

  2. Hang in there, Jazz. Southern California is over-rated anyway. And a houseboat might be fun. I dunno. It sounds fun, anyway. I've never even been on one so I can't imagine the drawbacks. But my cats do pretty well in my condo. They just eat, sleep, poop, and break stuff. What a life, to be a cat!

  3. My mother always made me eat all the food on my plate…threatening me with the proverbial 'starving children in Africa' line…which at the time meant nothing and these kids seemed awful far away….but lately because of age and actually partly because of you I have been counting my blessings. There are lots of horrible thibgs that happen on our little planet and I cannot grieve personally or applaud loudly for all of them….I don't actually 'know' you but I feel you are a wonderful inspiration and a brave and funny human being.

  4. Dude I'm disappointed but am excited to ride the bullet train to see you. I love ya no matter how far away you are. I have time at Christmas, have you ever been to Sedona? I haven't & I bet it's beautiful in the winter.

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