Europe’s universal health care

I was on the NPR site this morning, and found a series of articles on western Europe's health care, how they do it.  Cancer care is pretty innovative in France, apparently.  In an article about Germany's plan, a couple (the wife is American) says they'll never move back to the US, because their health care would bankrupt them; they're happy to pay 8% of their income into the German system. 

Western European countries spend less, up to half as much, than the US does on health care, and provide much better service.  Americans must be a greedy bunch—it's definitely every man for himself here, especially the corporate heads drawing the salaries.  It's the same all over, in every industry.  I wouldn't be surprised if insurance companies claimed they need a bailout next.

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9 thoughts on “Europe’s universal health care

  1. It's all very strange. You can read sources that say our healthcare system is the best, and others that its the worst. Likewise the socialized countries… 'show me the dead Canadians', etc.

  2. That's true. I asked random people I met in London about it, including our tour guide, and they all had rave reviews. But then, I didn't ask specifically about catastrophic illness and the like.

  3. Anyone who thinks our system works has not had to use it. Don't even get me started… I think it's the ol republican thing: medical care feels better to them because they are sure someone else does not have any.They don't even care that by improving the system for EVERYONE they will improve their own lives. MEAN, Mean, mean.

  4. Well, you remember the tour guide's $600 shoes that cost him nothing. That just wouldn't happen here. But, I have read that alot of British expats live in France, because they don't trust the UK system to take care of them in old age! How's that for irony?

  5. Wow, is it really that bad? I guess the grass is always greener and all that…I recall you said something about living here once and having decent insurance. This issue has a long way to go in being resolved!

  6. Well it is free…although not really as we pay a tax for it…it is for everyone but the waiting times can be aq killer…literally…and say you want this new drug that you read about on the internet well the NHS may not give it to you if it costs too much…even though it may save/prolong your life. Then there is the weird rule that I think they are trying to chane that if you want that drug and decide to go private well you have to go private for ALL your medical needs and who can afford that?

  7. Oops, I just saw this reply. Wow, I had no idea. I guess it's like most health care—it favors the healthy! Ridiculous contradiction but that's why insurance companies in the US is such big business.

  8. I guess the grass is always greener. Green noses, however, are not cute. I am just tired of trying to teach infected kids. The multi billion dollar business is in the way it seems to me but the government will probably be worse. Maybe states sponsored like expand medi-cal? That way it can be slightly tweaked by each states need. That will probably open another can of worms.

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