Yummmm…I just had the best tamales EVER.  Seriously, this is the kind of present I love.  I need to learn how to make these!  (And believe me, I generally don't like tamales.)

It's frickin' cold.  And it seems like forever that we've been waiting to hear whether we got the place on the lagoon or not.  I've spent the past week visualizing all the things I'm going to do when we move there—from making homemade ice cream to painting pictures to sewing to learning to dance the cha-cha.  I can't be accused of not visualizing success as far as that goes.
Sadly, I'm just now getting into the spirit of things.  That's okay, better late than never.
I gave a giant bag of my favorite shoes (that I can't wear anymore) and a pretty cool floor lamp (also unused) to the American Cancer Society.  That was kind of major, and it felt good.

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