It’s all bad for you

Hot dogs, ketchup, mayo, lunchmeat, butter-flavored popcorn, Velveeta, Mint Milanos, chips, bakery products, ice cream, air fresheners…Seriously, if it's not one chemical additive, it's another.  This one in particular can help you get lung cancer.  So if you love nachos, deli sandwiches, or pancakes/scones/waffles from a mix, you may wake up one day and find yourself on the path I'm on.  Trust me, I'd have given up pastrami, air fresheners, and butter-flavored popcorn long ago had I known it would lead to this.

The newest culprit is inorganic phosphates.  According to a recent study, many common foods—including self-rising flour and leavening (so even if you bake your own stuff)—contain INORGANIC phosphates.  Phosphorous occurs naturally in many foods—beans, legumes, nuts, wheat, etc—and unless one is phosphate-sensitive, can be beneficial.  Inorganic phosphates are added to many foods to retain moisture and enhance texture.  Anything that contains "emulsifiers" or "lecithin" or any number of variations with the word "phosphate" in the chemical name is inorganic.  Because we live in a world where food scientists have corrupted everything, there's very little that comes in a package that is untainted.  Ice cream, cream cheese, barbecue sauce—I guess homemade is still the best.  Amounts up to about 400 mg/day is "acceptable", but evidently most Americans potentially consume 1000 mg more than that each day, depending on their dietary choices.   You might worry if you drink soda, eat corn dogs, mac and cheese, and are not obsessed with reading ingredient labels.
There was the occasional deli sandwich or corned beef brisket, rife with nitrites, and the occasional soda to wash down pizza, popcorn at movies.  But how can you win with the nitrites, sodium, high-fructose corn syrup, MSG (in everything but quite plentiful in Parmesan cheese), and phosphates, and if it's a diet soda, aspartame (Nutra Sweet)?  And next time I'm tempted to clean house, I might just use the excuse that it's endangering my health.  Yikes!
So there it is.

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6 thoughts on “It’s all bad for you

  1. Makes ya want to roll around in cigarettes & bacon. All you can do is what you can do. I try not to obsess & enjoy myself. I'm not giving up mac & cheese.

  2. Yeah, pain in the ass it is. Actually either manufacturers are hiding it or they've begun to phase it out. I've pretty much found the "phosphate" thing in baking mix (Bisquick, scone mix, etc), baking powder, soda, mayonnaise. I buy alot of organic/natural packaged foods so it's not listed. I imagine if one eats alot of fast food—chicken nuggets and the like, one would get more than their fare share of bad stuff regardless.

  3. One wonders how well history will reflect back on these times as food companies and the FDA continually poison our children with the crap they sneak into our favorite items to prolong the shelf life, enhance, flavor,etc while at the expense of your lives. Sad.

  4. Well, I think on a basic level, there was the good idea (say, Fritos or Twinkies), and then there was the business end, where they had to find a way to increase profit margin while maintaining the consistency of the food item. Hence, food engineers, who found cheaper ways of producing a product while superficially retaining the quality or at least the consistency of the original. So you get fake whipped cream in the Twinkie, not to mention it will last for centuries, thanks to preservatives, and it cost half as much to make as the original cake with real whipped cream using real sugar and milk.

  5. Aspartame is known to cause illness and multiple sclerosis-type symptoms. MSG is also a neurotoxic additive that is found in many foods under deceptive names. Check out to find out more. There are also 2 movies out about the dangers of aspartame and msg called 'Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World', and 'Sweet Remedy: The World Reacts To An Adulterated Food Supply.' Donald Rumsfeld is the one who allowed aspartame to enter our food supply – it's all about corporate $$.

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