Beautiful winter night

Clear, dark night full of stars, sweet smell of spring—flowers, green, woodsmoke, damp air.  Venus reigns this night sky, holding audience with Orion, Cassiopaeia, The Pleiades…I am captivated, entranced by this sharply drawn moment.  For a second I am transported—to high school, to college, to Utah, Wyoming, Yosemite—to other starry nights I've felt deep in my soul.  It's that feeling of being connected to god, to the universe, to the inexplicable.

I used to feel this way often—happens alot when you're in nature, or comfortable in your solitude.  It's a fleeting meditation, possible only for as long as I forget where I am.  The sky, the air, the darkness freezes time and place for a few, brief minutes.  Even if the chill hadn't found me and I stood outside all night, I would become conscious of the parts that make up the sum of the moment, thereby changing it.
Life is magical and sweet in those few breaths of fragrant night.

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful winter night

  1. Thanks. I find it's not hard if it's 50 words or less. More than that and it disintegrates into rambling. Also helps to be inspired and have 2 minutes to write when lightning strikes. A rare occurence.

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