Thank you, Mr. President

What a relief to hear a true inaugural address—one whose focus is something other than war and forcing our idea of freedom on other countries.  Remember George Bush's speech from 2005?  His speech was eighty percent about war, with a few lines about pro-birth and some other vague references to people taking care of each other.  In light of 9/11 (which happened 3 years before) and the fact we were still at war, I could see the focus of securing the nation, but that needn't have been the only focus.  Bush made no solid pronouncements on the things that eventually failed—the economy, health care, education—you know, basic goals and concerns of a nation?  But I'm being harsh.  The man is not just his speech, and it's past—we're here to celebrate the promise of a new era.  

Bush looked like he was going to cry, and I wondered how one could give the speech Obama gave without inherently insulting Bush.  It was impossible, and Obama said what needed to be said, what the country needed to hear today, with great eloquence (and much help from other great orators of the past), insult notwithstanding.  

My not-normally-political husband and I watched the inauguration, the pre-inaugural event…historical in itself! Fantastic, too, seeing Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton (who loves Laura Bush's Oval Office rug), Al Gore, John Kerry, Chelsea Clinton…Surprised to see Diane Feinstein emceeing.  (Loved seeing Thomas Hill's painting of Yosemite behind the presidential luncheon table.)  
Of course I must acknowledge the First Lady's yellow ensemble by Isabel Toledo (bonus for girls).  Gorgeous!  Can't wait to see what she wears to the ball, and what her vision is for the White House (selecting an L.A.-based interior designer)!
I raise my glass to President Obama and Vice-President Biden—Long may you run!

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