This mortgage thing is DRIVING ME NUTS!  Ugh!

I'm pretty sure I understand the math, even if it's twice as excruciating as calculus.  Maybe because I'm essentially non-confrontational I just don't know how to say, Umm, how about I pay the origination fee and about $1500 lender fees and you tell me how much you're making at the back end from the lender (YSP or yield spread premium) and then GIVE ME THE F-ING WHOLESALE RATE, with third party receipts, and NOT make me put up $50k in cash at closing on top of the 3% (15k) seller credit???!!!  Doesn't this basically mean someone is making $50k off me for doing my mortgage?  Isn't that JUST A BIT MUCH?  GRRRRR!!!.

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2 thoughts on “Headache

  1. I think I was overreacting…but it makes me bristle, the huge variance in fees. Lends new meaning to taking it in the back! I was really hoping that the theory behind why a mortgage broker is better than a direct lender would pan out, but I feel like—if I'm going to get a retail loan rate anyway, I might as well just go to the bank on the corner.

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