I need Pho

"I would slash my best friend's throat with a rusty knife for this…I'd burn cities to the ground for this…You will never find anything better than this." —- Anthony Bourdain on Pho, on his Food Porn special.  He then goes to Momofuku and eats a whole mess of amazing food and loves it all.

Good thing that episode came on today.  I'll be too nauseous later this week to stomach it.  Thankfully the show about the Philippines isn't until Monday.  Most unfortunately, I'll have to miss the annual Chinese New Year dinner in Alameda.  Super bummer.  But yeah, Pho is about the only thing I can eat on the 3rd day after chemo.
So the inaugural house hunting expedition with our realtor revealed my suspicions.  Our money means nothing here in the Bay Area.  We saw six DUMPS!  Falling down, disgusting, rotting, tiny, creepy dumps.  Except one, and it needed at least 100K in foundation and structural correction work.  Demoralizing.  Is it any wonder I'm watching food shows?
I've a cramp in my neck and am pretty fed up with the whole deal already.  Chemo on Wednesday, biopsy next week. It's lovely.

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3 thoughts on “I need Pho

  1. Hey ! you's could always move to NY !! 😉
    I have always been amazed at the pricing of housing out there ..its bad enough here ! I hope your round with chemo goes easier this time around and I pray the biopsy is Great news ! I love you …I miss you XOXOXOXOXO Mom

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