Scientific advances?

With all of today's technology, my bone biopsy was conducted by a radiologist who hammered a needle through my buttock into my left hip with a small hammer.  "Primitive tools", is how the Hubster described them.  He thought his sonic sampling equipment would've been perfect, if only he had one in needle size.  I felt every pound on that little hammer, and it felt like a jackhammer, actually.  Yes, I was awake!  Sedated, but not enough to prevent me from saying, calmly, Uh, that hurts.  ALOT!  And then I moaned a little.  I've never moaned.  I'm not a moaner.  Really.  I gritted my teeth and focused on the cramp in my neck instead, and the thought of making an offer on a house and whether my financing was lined up.

The doctor equated my dense bone to a lump of concrete.  He said it's so dense, it doesn't take up the radioactive sugar solution, hence the negative PET scans.  Hubster understood that early PET scans were positive, but they were tissue areas.  Now the tissue areas are negative, but it sounded like the osteoblastic (bone) lesions, which are sclerotic, have grown over time.  So a negative PET says nothing about my bones.  BUMMER.
I'm a bit scared of what the results might be.  I originally thought it might be a source of hope, but now it just sounds like a confirmation of what it means when cancer goes to your bones (it's incurable).  I won't know until next week.  Until then, we're making an offer on a house, I'm using the cane Tara gave me (yes, I feel YOUR pain, Tara), lamenting the lack of percocet (really, Vicodin just doesn't feel like anything once you've had Percocet), and waiting for my Mom to get here.  Hubster does NOT enjoy the caregiving thing.  He's spoiled and says I'm only allowed to be sick one day.  He's the one who called Mom for backup!
So all that technology you see on House, MD?  All television.  They're still using picks and hammers.

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7 thoughts on “Scientific advances?

  1. I'm so sorry about your bone density test. They must do those differently for different types of cancer. With my parents, they did some type of full body scan, which is how they verified that the cancer had spread to my Dad's jaw and temple.Speaking of hardware, you should see my Mom's x-rays. She has had both hip joints replaced and she has these enormous screws in there. It just doesn't look possible.

  2. I'd be very interested to know what sort of full body scan your parents had. I've had CT scans and MRI's that show the blastic lesions, and comparisons with scans from a couple of years ago show growth, but apparently there's no way to know if these sclerotic lesions are active or scar tissue? It's confusing. I'd rather get one of the scans your folks had and know once for all.

  3. I'll ask them what they had. Dad's radiation has helped with the pain in his jaw, but he has permanent nerve damage that has diminished his quality of life in other ways. Most of the pain now is in his spine but they have already done radiation there so there is nothing else they can do. We just have to cope. But thanks for asking.
    Those hip relacements are amazing. They make a 12-inch incision, drill out the bone, put in a steel rod, and they have you up walking to bathroom the next day.

  4. That hammer sounds cruel. I would have just started to cry. Actually, I would have needed a double dose of Xanax and then I'd probably freak out like a New York monkey.
    Hang in there, Jazz.

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