Feel like I could sleep for a week.  And I'm not even going through any real trauma.

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5 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. He had a defibrillator installed when he was 16 so I'm guessing it was a congenital heart problem. He was fine after that but he had strict instructions to exercise to keep his heart healthy. He's a sedentary techie type (not obese, but just lazy) and I bet I could add up the number of hours he was off the couch (not many). He blames it on traveling but I'd venture to say his heart started atrophying due to lack of exercise on his part. It began with severe edema in his ankles which progressed to retaining lots of water in his abdomen. They once drained 8 or 9 liters from him! The liver damage was caused by all the heart medications he was on, as with the kidneys apparently. In order for the heart transplant to be successful, he'd have to take anti-rejection meds, for which he needed an uncompromised liver and functioning kidneys. They had to put him on dialysis while awaiting organs and towards the end, his bowels shut down so he hadn't eaten for a few days prior, not even ice chips!

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