10th Anniversary

Full moon.  Friday the 13th.  Consumed by this house thing.

I guess we can celebrate anytime, doesn't have to be today.

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3 thoughts on “10th Anniversary

  1. I remember what a MAJOR goal this was & you are part of 14% of people who are tough as dirt. You & Mike have the rest of your lives for magic moments & date night. I personally can't wait to celebrate with you, Perhaps a Palm Springs weekend? (while I can still afford it 😦 ) As far as the house, just accept that things are going to be wrong & you are going to get screwed in some way. Jesus & Christels new house, they just discovered, leaks like a siv. Ce La Vie.

  2. That's the sort of thing I need to be reminded of, especially right now, when things ARE feeling really…uncelebratory. (I will PM you about this shortly)

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