Movie reviews

3-1/2 stars
Loved the story, but the film was extremely long and slow-moving.  Terrific performances and special effects.  My favorite character, though, is the guy who says, "Did I tell you I was struck by lightning seven times?  Once when I was…"
3-1/2 stars
A Swedish film which was dubbed in English (at least at Netflix).  I'm certain it would be better in Swedish with subtitles.  But still good.  Atmospheric and sincere, it depicts what seems to be a Scandinavian sensibility.  There's no sensationalism, and if a vampire movie can be heartwarming, this one is.
Pre-dates Twilight in the increasingly crowded human-loves-vampire-and-doesn't-get-eaten genre.
I must admit I swiped this review format from Bitchee.  He's quite the movie watcher!

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4 thoughts on “Movie reviews

  1. I was hoping they'd show all seven ways he was struck by lightning, but they only show 4 or 5. Still, I'm glad he says, "It seems like God's always reminding me I should be happy just to be alive." Wise words.

  2. hmm…
    that review style looks like something i've seen before…i wonder where!!!
    i loved Let The Right One In, beautifully made. dubbed into english must have been a bit painful! never knew they still did this!?

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