Movies the Hubster didn’t want to watch

3-1/2 Stars
This is epic, as Baz Luhrman films tend to be.  It could be hokey, and has something of a false ending about 3/4 of the way through.  There are holes.  Yet…yet I liked it.  It's superficially enlightening on a number of historical points.  Wonderful cinematography and production values.  Good performances.  Wow, Hugh Jackman has some body!!  Make popcorn, keep the tissue box near, and don't think about it too much.
5 Stars
Wow.  Heavy.  Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are perfect, as is Michael Shannon as the voice of truth.   Award-worthy performances all, with Leo outdoing himself (I never thought he was that great, but he is stunning here).  I realize the direction may not have been as daunting as Danny Boyle's task, but in another time and place, Sam Mendes deserves kudos.  Textbook perfect mise-en-scene.  The language of this film is the best I've seen in a very long time (I may elaborate on that in a longer post, but first I'm compelled to buy the dvd and read the novel—by Richard Yates). It's a very American version of what seems like Europeans (or at least the French) have been doing for some time.  The commentary and deleted scenes make me think a director's cut may eventually be released.  You may need a couple of martinis while/after watching this film.
On a lighter note, I'm dying for the fashions and furniture of that period!
3-1/2 Stars
The chemistry between Sookie Stackhouse and Bill the vampire was the way it should've been in Twilight.  Among other things.  Much more interesting, if this is your kind of genre.  The first two episodes were sufficiently enchanting to catapult the next disc onto my qeueu (which says alot in the context of 291 movies vying for attention).
2-1/2 Stars
Hubster would probably watch this because it has action sequences.  Saw it at a neighbor's home.  It's ok, not really my cup of tea.  It was fine while we watched it, but I probably wouldn't see it again.  (I like action, but the story is pretty cliche.)
2008 was a tremendous year for good films, which I hope is portentous for things to come.  Is it because, or in spite, of the severe economic downturn?  I don't care, keep it coming!

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5 thoughts on “Movies the Hubster didn’t want to watch

  1. i read the first book for true blood and was not impressed. then again, i wasn't all that impress with readin the twilight series, but loved the movie. (well, loved it in the 'i love cheesy, teen-movies' sort of love). i want to give the tv series a chance. i have it on my amazon wishlist. once that price drops a bit, i'll make the purchase. have you seen blood ties? your thoughts if you have?

  2. No, haven't seen Blood Ties—I'll have to look that up. I haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse books—my sister ordered the 1-7 set so I'll get to read them eventually. I heard the tv series is very slow compared to the books. I couldn't get past the 2nd twilight book, the writing was so bad, but I read each one in a day. I've seen the trailer for new moon and it looks unbearably cheesy. Honestly, i don't think edward aka cedric diggory is that good of an actor, and kristen stewart always plays herself. But I hope the movies improve because I do want to like it.

  3. i'm totally rooting for jacob. you're right about rob pattinson. his acting abilities in twilight wasn't all that great. he's pretty, though. waaaay to young for me to be looking at that way. we shall see if his looks improve with age. i've always gone for the older men type, anyway. :)overall, i'm a bit vampire fan. but there's just so much crappy vampire books/t.v. series/movies out there.

  4. With all the crap going on in the world, it's relaxing to be back in high school and look at pretty boys 8D so bring on the vampires, werewolves, YA lit—it's summer and it's all good! Esp. with some wine 😉

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