3 years ago today I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.  I've been off treatment for 3-1/2 months.  Inspite of these miracles, death and disease are never far from my mind, nor are my comrades in war with this monster.

So I dedicate this anniversary to you, for each day you've all fought so hard to win.  You've all helped me on my way to this anniversary and I hope and pray you'll be with me at future ones.
I spent a day in Napa this past weekend and raised a few glasses of champagne to you and all the survivors and caregivers everywhere.  
Love, strength, peace, and grace to all!

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15 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. and a cheers right back to you! 🙂
    if anything i feel like i need to thank YOU. your attitude and spirit is inspiring. and has continually reminded me never to take for granted what i already have in life.

  2. I agree with Shy. You have been a blessing in my life over the last few years. No doubt your love and strength have helped you win these battles.

  3. I feel like it's my anniversary too. I remember the day I found out I was taking Kinders on a field rip & came in crying. My parents were so sweet & the little maniacs didn't let me think about it all day. We were praying for a miracle & got one I love ya.

  4. Thanks so much—you know, inspiration is contagious, which is why Vox has been such a healthy experience for me. On a down day I can go to your and others' blogs and get some cheering up. Goodness knows how often pictures of Chaeli and your funny stories have made my day. So thank you!

  5. Thanks, Nancy—for sharing the strength and the burdens we both face. As you've told me many times, my shoulder and ears are there for you.

  6. That's so kind. Thanks for being my link to the outside world (current events, which I pretty much get from your blog), for reading my blog, for some wonderful discourse over the past 3 years!

  7. Dear, dear Nicole! Whatever you did at Sacre Coeur—someone must've heard you. Thanks for being such a pal all this time. Please keep me posted on your travels and life!

  8. Oh crap, I don't know how I missed this post!Very belated congratulations to you on Year 3 – screw all those doctors who said we would only make it a couple years!I'm so happy that it's not just your third year, but a time that sees you in remission and out of treatment. I hope it goes on forever and ever.Congratulations!

  9. We're all in this together so as far as I'm concerned, congratulations to US for holding it together this long! Thanks for being there 😀

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