Summer’s here

It smells like summer, and the balmy mornings confirm it.  It was chilly the past few weeks and then Bam! 90 degrees.  Went out on the boat and did some catch-and-release crabbing.  The Bay was bumpy but thankfully much smoother past the Golden Gate.  We hung out at Point Diablo cove, watched the seals play about, retrieved my vintage sun hat out of the water twice, and tortured some poor crab due to indecision (there are a few in the freezer still).

Summer's coming means farmer's market, which means wonderful, lovely, delicious fruit…another bonus of living in Cal.  True, the markets are there all year round, but it's more fun in good weather–to hear live music, eat crepes, and buy direct from the farmers, who look like they need the money.  There's great bread and handmade ravioli, exotic fruit and mushrooms, Asian greens I can't find at the regular grocery store, heirloom tomato plants, herbs…so wonderful!  
The air is fragrant with gardenias…Oh, wonderful, wonderful summer. 

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