Asian, like me

This is the sort of predictability I like:  when the Hubster comes home from traveling (which is like, three weeks out of the month), I know exactly what he wants to eat—every time.  I love it and can't make it, so it's a bonus for me!!  Hubster's a "Round Eye" so it's a delightful surprise—

Sushi and a Bubble drink!!  Yay!  

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5 thoughts on “Asian, like me

  1. Wow, you must have a good pearl drink place by you—I can only get the taro smoothies in Oakland. There's a good one over on 9th between Broadway and Franklin, by the Wells Fargo. Get one of those stamp cards, I think the 10th one is free. Also the Goody Shop at the Asian Center—they use all fresh fruit, no powders—

  2. I had a lychee fruit smoothie (with pearls) at the Asian Center. It was good but the lychee overwhelmed. I decided I don't like it as a main ingredient. It's too much like drinking perfume. Now, my friend at the Cockadoodle puts lychee (along with citrus) in her white wine sangrias. They're AMAZING.

  3. Hmmm, I'm all over that idea! What other liquor does she add to it? Have been experimenting a bit with sangrias—am turning into a wino! Would love the recipe if you can share it 😉

  4. I'll ask her for her sangria recipes. She makes an awsome red wine sangria as well. It's summer time, I'm sure she's making it for her brunches.

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