Mike's in Canada and I'm meeting with our realtor this afternoon for pizza and to submit offer #7 for a house in that far-off, suburban land called Pinole.  Needless to say, the other homes in the area have all experienced multiple offers (the house across the street had 7 offers last week), and although this house is wallpapered up one side and down the other, and half its lot is upslope, and my realtor hates it personally…it has solar panels installed, double-paned windows, central air (it gets HOT in Pinole), boat parking, and 1681 sq. ft. of wonky 1968 rancher floor plan, along with ugly pergo floors and an overly large laundry room (like, half the size of the master bedroom) with lots of storage.


I neither love nor hate this house, but it's much less than what we'd pay for that beater in Alameda, it's much larger, and I might still be able to travel once a year to some more enticing faraway land.  Of course, I write this because I have that awful gut feeling that we're offering way too much, in anticipation of yet another multi-offer situation.  The hubster is tired of losing bids—he doesn't want to lose out on this one, inspite of its lack of pool (swim center nearby though) and the possibility of endless renovation ahead (both cosmetic and substantial).  The listing agent already has one offer in hand, and supposedly (again there's that distrust) was told 5 others were going to write, although she hasn't seen them yet.  Offers will be viewed tomorrow at noon.
Hubs already has fantasies of growing grapevines on the upslope and converting the back studio/shed into some sort of inlaw-type apartment for guests.  Of course he's never home so this could take years.  I can only console myself with the fact that Pinole has a Trader Joe's market, Peet's coffee, Target (like a higher end Wal-Mart-type place), and Kaiser clinic, and it's not too far from the (highway) 24 corridor and Walnut Creek (where my oncologist is).
Well, I should probably get on with writing that >gulp< deposit check.  Wish us luck!

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5 thoughts on “Nerves

  1. You are making yourself nuts over this hunt for perfect. It does not exist. Find "I can deal with it" & turn your sterio up real loud run around naked in your new house. At this moment I'm gonna go jump in my pool & continue to ignore my ugly carpet. Love you.

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